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Next Level Guy

Jul 7, 2016

The Basics:


Episode: 004

Who: Megan Collins from


What we cover:


  • where did the idea for the website come from and how would she describe it to someone who hasn't seen it before, who is your average reader
  • Her story, what did you want to be as a child and how did you get into style snd running your own website
  • what is her definition of style and does it only apply to clothes, has your view on style changes 
  • since you started the website, do you ever go out without being styled up, preferences in men changed since your evolution in style taken place
  • When did the shift happen to guys becoming more in touch with their style and Can style ever be complete 
  • how to know when something suits you, are their clues to check, as everyone is afraid of looking like a pillock, should they buy expensive or cheap, what makes a good buy
  • if a guy has decided to upgrade their style but their home is a mess, their fashion is hidieous and they have nowhere to start, what three tips would you give them to start the improvement?
  • Does she believe in 'essentials' items that every guy must have in his wardrobe eg white shirt
  • so how would you go about adding an individual flair to your style in small steps to stand out from the crowd? for your lothes, your house etc
  • is there a set of rules or definitely do not dos when it comes to style, that guys can pay attention and implement?
  • big muscular guys find clothes when most stye tis are for small skinny guys - can you recommend some styles to try for the various shapes or suggest a good article
  • How can someone on a low budget start to improve their style
  • how can you add colour to your wardrobe when you live in black and blue the majority of the year, the safe colours
  • an old saying was red and green never seen except on an irish queen, do you have any style mantras that you use
  • Is she single or in a relationship? Does she and women judge the guy on style, where in in the date, how are you judge, top pet hates on a date or partner
  • when you visit a partner or dates home, what are the red flags that will make you switch off a guy in terms of content, look etc, 
  • an article I really enjoyed was the fallacy of effortless style, can you explain a bit about that
  • favorite clients to work with
  • favourite articles on the site (I'll add a link to them in the description)
  • Who in films and real life does she look at as great dressers?
  • who do you consider as your role models in life
  • what would you say to all men from all women if you had the chance
  • can you tell m about your links with career gear, as it seems a great cause
  • How can people keep in touch and social media links 


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