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Next Level Guy

Jun 29, 2023

Today’s guest is Sam aka 'PrepMedic'.  

He is a 🚁 Flight Paramedic and 🦅 Special Operations Response Team

Sam runs 'PrepMedic', a channel that is designed to bring medical preparedness to Youtube. He hopes to use his experience as a critical care flight paramedic, reserve deputy sheriff, and tactical medic to...

Jun 17, 2023

Today’s guest is Danny McMillan!

Danny creates daily videos on becoming a happier, more secure, and levelled up man in your forties. Too many people think life needs to slow down at 40 but Danny shows you how it is actually just getting started with some changes in your approach.

He spends his time helping men to...

Jun 6, 2023

Today’s guest is Adam Lane Smith!

Adam is an attachment specialist and a two-time #1 Amazon bestselling novelist and a retired licensed psychotherapist specializing in trauma and attachment with experience in both clinical and correctional mental health settings. That includes his work in the California justice...