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Next Level Guy

Oct 24, 2022

Today's guest is Ryan Carter! 

Ryan helps his clients achieve their health goals by removing their obstacles and empowering them with a personalized and holistic approach so they can be the best version of themselves.

He works with clients around the world either in person or remotely which has led him to work with the world’s Top 10 tennis superstars and the general public whom he had all treated fairly and equally with respect.

Qualified as a registered nutritional therapist, sports nutritionist, a personal trainer, a breathwork coach, and many more specialized qualifications under his belt, Ryan utilizes a unique approach that encompasses a multitude of practices that does not believe in protocols or paradigms. He genuinely listens to his clients, applying his knowledge and wisdom in an individualized method.

As a result, Ryan had successfully created a brand, “Live Vitae” that continues to uphold its vision: to ignite people’s inner light through asking better questions which lets people think for themselves firsthand about taking back control of their own health.

Ryan’s website, newsletters and Instagram account (more popular) showcase his values and way of life. They’re full of wisdom that is all FREE for you to absorb.


Here are some key points that I would advise you to concentrate on:

    • You can take back your health with a bit of work.
    • Live with the 'Live Vitae' life, live to the full extent of life that you can.
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    • Ryan struggled with his own health and knows what you are going through in your own struggles. He noticed a red flag when he lost control his own health, and noticed all aspects of his life was breaking down.
    • Ryan was addicted to seeing a number go down on a scale, which is never a good representative of your true health.
    • Friends and family are often afraid to speak to you about your health as they do not see anything wrong, or unsure how to approach the subject. A health coach is a person who is not tied by blood etc so can be open and honest with you and sometimes an unbiased person, can be the best approach to help you.
    • Ryan found that people put themselves in cotton wool, they restrict their diet and their health, by avoiding food types etc and actually end up harming themselves.
    • Your dodgy gut, ill feelings etc, do not need to be part of your story. You need to realise that it is your actions, food intake, water take, health work that help you become fitter. Improve these individual areas to create a better overall health setup.
    • "The nutritionist title is not technically  protected" so you need to be careful on who you listen to online, as not everyone has the same level of training and qualifications and can be giving dangerous advice.
    • The main problem with people's approach to health is they mainly look at the diet to fix things, and this is only a small area of the picture that needs to be fixed to truly take back control of our health.
    • "
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      It's hard to measure true science outside of a lab".  So it is hard to utilize something that is actionable in a controlled lab in real life.

    • "We don't think of the bigger picture for health, take this for that ... appointments only lasting 7-8 mins" isn't a great way to treat people, we don't consider the overall lifestyle and have time to truly get to the deep level issues causing the problem.
    • "The system needs to put money into prevention."
    • Movement is a great fix for the majority of the health issues people experience.
    • A daily dose of sunlight in the morning can be life-changing for you. It doesn't need to be hours, but a short burst of 5 minutes can really help.
    • The scandium method controls our bodies and health. Without being outside, daily sunlight etc, we can cause the connection between our bodies software and hardware can go awry.
    • "You need to work with your biology and not against it", put the phone down and go outside, get into fresh air and into the sun/light.
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  • "You are the manager of your health". You can decide who to hire and fire, you get to choose your coaches, your personal trainers etc. You wouldn't buy the first car you purchase, so why would you do the opposite when picking a coach to help you get in shape.
  • You should write your goals and ambitions down on a piece of paper, so you know what you want to achieve. Simply dieting or working out will not help.
  • There are a load of health tools you can use nowadays that will help you track various health variables and you can track the improvements. Remember, what gets measured gets managed.
  • "We are always looking for distractions to get ourselves outside ourselves." We have lost the connection to ourselves.
  • It is never one small thing that causes your health issues, but small lifestyle changes will roll into the next, and help you improve your overall health. They might not be sexy changes but things like sleeping better, will mean less brain fog, which will mean more willpower so you eat better, and as you eat better you might be more efficient at work, feel happier and so on.
  • Our ancestors eat local, seasonal foods. We should too, but this brings in the need for people having the skills and techniques to eat like this.
  • "Our meal right now will affect our next meal ... it is never one meal in isolation". It is not what you did that one time, it is what you do consistently.
  • Change can be difficult. Ryan recommends gradual change, new habits to replace problem habits and let the changes spiral together into a better overall health system.
  • You can use post-it notes to set reminders for you to go into nature, breathe better, better posture and so on.