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Next Level Guy

Jul 15, 2022

Today’s guest is Erick Rheam.

Erick Rheam is a veteran who became fascinated by the field of human dynamics and what motivates us as human beings while in deployment. In his new book, Rise Above Chaos, Erick is leveraging years of research and his own life story to explain step by step how to rediscover your path to significance and inner peace, no matter how busy or chaotic your life has become - AKA how to tame that inner chaos he calls the "beast".

In this interview, we discuss:  

  • The keys to human dynamics. 
  • How to find the purpose of your life by finding your passions. 
  • How to overcome the beast and chaos in your life.
  • And so much more! 

Here are some key points that I would advise you to concentrate on

  • Human dynamics are the key to bonding with one another. 
  • Networking and connecting can be a skill to learn on its own. 
  • Life should be a journey of discovery and not a destination, always look at life with fresh eyes and how you can progress daily. 
  • Sorry to say but no one is caring what you are doing or judging you - stop worrying and instead push for your dreams. Time will pass anyway, don't let what anyone else thinks stop you from achieving what you want in life.
  • "People struggle with perspective" and rarely see the bigger picture in their life. Be grateful for what you have.
  • You need a strong network to help motivate, and inspire you. 
  • People get offended easily - Erick recommends you evaluate the reason behind how someone reacts, rise above taking it personally and see the bigger picture. 
  • We are all rudderless when younger as we find our way in life. However, as you age you need to grow and evolve to avoid being lost in the chaos of your life. 
  • We all need a purpose in our life - if you don't have something constructive in your life, then the 'Beast' will take over and lead you astray. 
  • We all have superpowers within ourselves, we have unique skills that makes us unique and valuable, you need to find yours. 
  • "Your why is discovered as you live within your passions and you align with your superpower". On this journey you will find your purpose in life.
  • To find your purpose you need to take action in life. However, don't over think it and consider everything permanent - you can make mistakes, change your path, change how you want to move in life. You are not bound on one path of action or another.
  • Resistance and being fearful can be seen as good things, they will arise when you are moving forward in life. 
  • You need to ensure that the people in your life, your accountability partners, offer value to you and your life. 
  • The Beast will always be there, you need to learn to understand it, accept it and move on. It won't go away but that doesn't mean you need to give it any power over you in your life. You can setup your life to overcome the chaos that you are living in. 
  • You need to be honest and open with who you surround yourself with in life - these people should help you move out of chaos in life, and grow as a person. You may need to cut off people who are holding you back or in chaos, and let you know when you are acting in your blind-spots in your life.
  • Growth in life is a journey, don't expect true change to happen overnight, but it is a journey worth undertaking. 
  • You need to focus on your top three priorities in your daily life, clarify exactly what we need to do and chase each to completion - the other jobs etc can wait. 
  • You need to know the story of your life, or society, work or family will write it for you instead. 
  • There are seasons in life. The bad things will pass, yet so will the good things. You need to focus on your journey, realise the season you are in life, and what you need to do to keep growing daily.