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Next Level Guy

Nov 20, 2020

Today’s guest is Scott Young.

Scott Young is a writer who undertakes interesting self-education projects, such as attempting to learn MIT’s four-year computer science curriculum in twelve months and learning four languages in one year. For the last ten years he's been experimenting to find out how to learn and think better. He teaches the key concepts to learn the skills you want faster, quicker and at a deeper level than you thought possible. 

In this interview, we discuss Ultralearning, practice hacks, consumption vs doing, skill mastery, habit change, productivity and so on.


In this interview, we discuss gems like:

  • Who they are
  • Was he the type of kid who was interested in learning
  • Ultralearning
  • Teaching yourself hard skills 
  • Removing the type of barriers to learning.
  • Setting goals - how specific do you need to be 
  • The importance of true desire when selecting the skills you want to learn.
  • The processes you should focus on and use when learning to be effective 
  • How to use meta-learning
  • How do you define when a skill is learnt compared to learning
  • Is a learning a physical skill different to a mental skill or are the principles the same regardless of the nature
  • What tools are good to use when learning a skill and meta-learning
  • Skills, concepts, and facts
  • The need to have a challenge in your life. Then another. Then another. And repeat!
  • Parkinson's Law and how to use it to your advantage 
  • Do you need a goal/exam/test in the challenge to be able to tell if you have achieved the project?
  • What should you do when you are not motivated but need to learn the skill?
  • How do you source the right information, mentors, methods, etc for you to use to succeed 
  • Are there certain habits, and skills that all men should have?
  • How to make learning a habit in your life
  • How do you identify bad practice protocols? 
  • How do you 'keep fresh' learned skills while you are going on learning new skills?
  • How has fatherhood changed him as a person and how will affect his challenges going forward
  • How you can connect with them