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Next Level Guy

Aug 15, 2017

Episode: #24 Scott Herman on how to transform your fitness by watching YouTube 

Who: Today's guest is Youtube fitness sensation Scott Herman. Scott is one of the leading fitness coaches on Youtube, with over 670,000 Hermanities as he calls them, changing lives one user at a time.

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What we cover


  • Who he is
  • How he went from a Reality TV star to a fitness superstar on Youtube
  • How having a bigger brother helped him put on muscle
  • What he thinks makes a great man
  • What his principles are for picking a good gym for you to start working out
  • How you should go about picking a beginner program that is right for you
  • Are there exercises that you must do to succeed and get into shape?
  • Are there such things as physical benchmarks for modern men that they should be able to do?
  • What sort of things he hates to see in the gym
  • What a beginner should look out for when you start working out
  • How you can build consistency in the gym and finally achieve those goals you've only dreamed about
  • How you can avoid plateauing and find your 'why' for going to the gym
  • Just Saying
  • How you can start working out even if you have kids, returning from an injury etc
  • How you can find the inner drive to push those last few reps or hit a new PR
  • His top tips on dieting to get an 'all year physique' 
  • His take on Junk Food 
  • When is it too late to improve their life 
  • Why modern men get jealous instead of inspired 
  • His take on drugs and steroids 
  • How does he deal with the fast break questions
  • What he wants people to take from this interview
  • What you should check out on his website right now - FREEFITNESS to get one month free!
  • And so much more





Connect with the Guest



Something to reflect on

Scott has a lot of awesome content. Some of his must view videos include:


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