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Next Level Guy

Aug 19, 2016

james swanwick
his story
why drinking is a bad thing
why you should take his 30 day drinking challenge
his book on socialising without alcohol
ways to reduce your alcohol consumption
what stopping consuming alcohol caused in his life
The importance of habits and how you can ensure your habits are working for you
Who his favourite interviews have been with
Who his goal interview subjects would be
The main difference between those who are successful and those who aren't
What holds us back in life
How you can be more like James?
How he bluffed ESPN into hiring him by taking action
What is a Swannie and why should you get one
His personal favourite books, gym exercise etc
His tips for being a better people person
Who he looks to as a role model in his life
What he thinks all men should do right now

James Swanwick is an Australian-American investor and TV & podcast host based in Hollywood, California. Swanwick is the creator of the Swannies blue-light blocking glasses, 30 Day No Alcohol Challenge, and 47-Day Habit Hacker.

he netions
JAmes Swanwick
james swanwick social media
Thnk and Grow Rich - and notes on his site
weight - link to my guides
Tai Lopez - james /67 steps on his site
Ben Greenfieldfitness
tony robbins
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