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Next Level Guy

Apr 22, 2022

Welcome to an episode of ‘Top Tier Talent’, a new series, where I focus on stars who are top-tier prospects in their sport or industry and focus on finding and highlighting the key skills, habits, and mindsets that make them so successful. 

Today’s guest is David Jp Phillips who is an international public speaker, author & coach.

Throughout his career, he has delivered over a thousand presentations and coached hundreds of people in the skill of communication. He loves analyzing why we humans behave as we do and what our communication means for us in life. 

  • Ranked 8th in Communication GLOBAL GURUS
  • 8 million views on TED
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In this interview, we discuss the importance of communication, the ways you can be a great and also an ineffective communicator, some key skills to utilize to improve your communication and so much more. 


Here are some key points that I would advise you to concentrate on

  • We are very social animals, and we bond, mate, connect and form groups between ourselves using communication. Being a better communicator can change your life. 
  • However, too many people seem to think we cannot change our communication skills, that we are born with it and cannot change ... which cannot be further from the truth!
  • Communication skills are learned, not inherited! 
  • Once you notice the role that communication plays in our life, you will notice how truly bad the majority communicate, in business, in relationships, and everything in between. Don't be the same as others, be different and change how others perceive you, and build the interest few others ever reach by listening to David! 
  • "We have been using narratives for longer than anything in our communication arsenal"
  • There are five layers of communication: words, voice, gestures, body language, and facial expressions. When you meet someone who is synchronized in all five, you 'buy' whatever they say as they come across very trustworthy. 
  • Its often a problem with the method of the message more than an issue with the message itself, when it is not being very successful. 
  • We can lose attention during movies, tv shows etc when an actor does not show synchronicity across the five layers. To learn how to be good at these, you should look at the great actors of today's media. 
  • There are 110 skills that affect how good a communicator we are! 
  • To give a successful speech on a certain kind, eg emphatic or sad, you should try and enter those emotions beforehand. 
  • Not all communication needs to be verbal, your facial expressions, head nods and body language also play a key role in how you communicate. 
  • Someone with good communication skills can present far better without practice than someone who has spent weeks practicing etc and has no grasp of the communication skills. 
  • It is not just what you say, but how you say it, the volume you say it, the speed you say it, the tone and so much more..
  • "Your facial expressions have a direct connection to your emotions" - by feeling the emotion, you will show the emotion, and emotive people connect with their audience better. 
  • "Create the right state (within yourself) before going up on stage".
  • Your internal communication to yourself is just as important as the external communication you give to others. Your brain listens to the things you say to yourself, and your sense of self, self-esteem etc are affected by the nature, the aggression and the quality of your internal speech. Talk negative and you'll be negative, talk positive to yourself and you will be positive. Your choice! 
  • David's videos on self-leadership are amazing and can be life-changing!