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Next Level Guy

Feb 17, 2024

Top-Tier Talent 7: Taylor Ray on Muay Thai, confidence and finding yourself through martial arts!

Muay Thai is a violent sport, where people go to war in every fight, using their elbows, knees, hands and feet to punish their opponent, in a beautiful display of martial arts. But have you ever wondered what a Muay Thai athlete does that helps raise them over other athletes ... let's find out!

Future superstar Taylor Ray breaks down her training, motivations, and outlook on life that help her create such a level of success in her blossoming career!

Today’s guest is Taylor Ray Malynyk! The show-notes are available at:

Taylor is an amateur Muay Thai fighter and K1 Kickboxer for WAKO Team Canada.

In this interview, we discuss Muay-Thai, training, confidence, competing, and finding yourself thorough martial arts. She is a wise head on young shoulders, and will be a future superstar. You will love her refreshing honesty, openness and outlook on training, martial arts, success and life.

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