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Next Level Guy

Apr 15, 2024

Today’s guest is Jamie Date!

Jamie is a men's dating coach, whose aim is to teach men how to fall in love with themselves, so beautiful women can do the same. 

TikTok’s viral sensation, Jamie Date, prides herself on never having a bad date, and she can show you how. She has a knack for making the dating process fun and enjoyable, yet refrains from sugarcoating just what her clients need to hear to reach their dating goals. Jamie Date’s clients have found tremendous success learning how to attract more high-quality women, both in person and online.

As a professional catfish who picks up women just to show her clients how it’s done, Jamie will teach you the ins and outs of swiping left and right. She is an expert in conversation, banter, and can teach you how to escalate flirtation and build sexual tension with ease. Often called “The Red Flag Whisperer” she will coach you on how to identify red flags and how to navigate a healthy relationship…or relationships if that’s what you’re after.

With a background in door-to-door sales and a deep respect for men trying to better themselves, Jamie uses her interpersonal communicative expertise to teach with a very practical step-by-step approach to meeting and attracting women, no vague cliché advice here!

Whether it's teaching the art of conversation or showing you how to own your confidence, Jamie’s approach is not only effective, but entertaining. Want to up your dating game? Jamie Date is the one to call.