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Next Level Guy

Feb 24, 2024


Episode #193 Kaitlin Klarer on levelling up sex through intimacy, communication and openness!

Today’s guest is Kaitlin Klarer! 

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Sex. We all love it, we all want it and we all want to be the best at it! Yet, a lot of us suck at it ... so what can we do about it?! We learn from a talented sex coach! Introducing Kaitlin! 

Kaitlin is a Sex Coach with a Masters's in Counseling and a background in the adult entertainment industry. She is the creator of the hilarious talk show, Watch Girls Watch Porn and also is an educator on PornHub's wellness channel. 

She is passionate about challenging our society’s pervasive sex-negative scripts and wants people to view sexuality as a highly diverse and inclusive entity. Her work involves using holistic, biopsychosocial approaches when helping clients achieve their sexual fulfillment and helping individuals and couples with sexual, relational and intimacy problems. Sex coaching is the process of taking the client’s hands and guiding them to sexual fulfillment. It involves a combination of psychoeducation, talking through issues, accessing un-allowed emotions, the practice of sexual exercises, home assignments, and a step-by-step progression of sexual techniques.

Sex coaching is holistic, non-judgemental, sex-positive, and celebrates the full range of sexual experiences. Sessions are future-focused and goal-oriented, allowing clients to work through sexual blockers and achieve true sexual-fulfillment.

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