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Next Level Guy

Feb 10, 2024

Today’s guest are Emyli & Thomas from Emlovz!

Dating can be magical, a deep love and connection with someone that you could spend the rest of your life with ... or it can be soul destroying journey of coffee dates, rejection and misery as you meet people who are nothing like their bio's. So what's the solution? We find someone who has trialed going on tonnes of dates to learn what works and what doesn't, so you can learn from their successes, avoid their mistakes and shorten your journey to meeting the right person or people you want to date. So who will be our dating gurus? Introducing Emyli and Thomas!

The show-notes can be found at:

Emyli is the Head Coach & Co-founder, and completed a 100-date experiment and went on 101 dates with 52 different men. Research from the experiment became the foundation for her coaching program, and today she is an expert at helping men & women find love, using a method called MegaDating, which is the process of dating multiple people at the same time to diffuse energy & increase confidence.

Their theory is: do the work to find the right partner from the start, then we can avoid divorce & unhappiness in the long run.

Thomas, Coach and Co-founder spent six years being single in San Francisco — one of the most treacherous cities for men to date. During this time, he researched and experimented heavily with dating, courtship, and mate selection. He conducted numerous data-driven psychology, communication, & relationship strategy experiments – which ultimately led me to meeting Emyli & ending her 100-Date Experiment. Years later, we’re still together & happily married.

Today they help men & women just like you reach these very same milestones. They train you to win first place in love by attracting your perfect partner by treating dating as a social experiment!

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