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Next Level Guy

Sep 9, 2023

Today’s guest is Roger Gracie!

Roger Gracie is a retired mixed martial artist and former professional Brazilian jiu-jitsu competitor. He was one of the first people that taught me that you can build your own game by being yourself and not following what is currently the favourite of people that year! 

The son of coral belt Mauricio Gomes and grandson of BJJ founder Carlos Gracie, Roger Gracie is one of jiu-jitsu's most decorated and accomplished athletes and considered by many as the greatest competitor in jiu-jitsu history. He taps black-belts with white-belt techniques, making it look effortless. His skill level is terrifying, and his ability to read the action borders on almost being able to see the future.  

A member of both IBJJF Hall of Fame and ADCC Hall of Fame, Gracie won 10 IBJJF world championship titles across multiple weight classes, every year from 2004 to 2010, becoming the first competitor to win the open weight division 3 times.

He is also a two-time European Champion, and a Pan Champion. Gracie is an ADCC Submission Fighting weight, absolute, and superfight champion, the only athlete to win gold in both his weight class and the open weight division with a 100% submission-rate.

Roger retired in 2017 after defeating then BJJ world champion Marcus Buchecha, leaving jiu-jitsu without a single submission defeat in his record.

He now spends his time coaching and inspiring the future generations of BJJ stars and helping the sport reach new levels. 

In this interview, we discuss how he transformed from meh to master ability, how he found himself through the sport, how you should approach BJJ to see greater development and why it doesn't matter your age or ability, you can excel and grow through BJJ.