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Next Level Guy

Aug 10, 2023

Today’s guest is Jack Lepiarz!

Jack is Professional circus performer. 4-time Guinness World Record setter, American journalist, stage performer, street performer, and social media personality. Until recently he was also a radio anchor and producer at WBUR in Boston, Massachusetts. He is commonly known as 'Jacques the Whipper', where he performs amazing tricks with a bullwhip, cracking the whip to the tunes of modern songs and demonstrating amazing tricks that wows his audience.

A lifelong circus performer, he was onstage since before he could tie his shoes. He now performs shows where he takes the timeless fundamentals of circus and repackage them for a brand new, younger audience. He performs at Renaissance Faires around the country and appeared on season 17 of America’s Got Talent

In this interview, we discuss whipping, showmanship, circus skills, chasing your dreams, and owning your weirdness, and so much more!