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Next Level Guy

Jul 22, 2023

Today’s guest is Dr Cordelia Peel!

Cordelia has been a medical doctor for over a decade working in acute specialties including emergency medicine, trauma and stroke. Her medical training enabled her to work in South America where she trekked up mountains, slept in a hammock and delivered medical care to local indigenous people, and also in Zimbabwe, where she carried our research to facilitate CRADLE (Community Blood Pressure Monitoring in Rural Africa; Detection of Underlying Pre-eclampsia) which has now taken off in over 10 countries with the purpose of reducing maternal mortality and morbidity.

Whilst Cordelia loved aspects of being a doctor, deep down she wasn’t feeling deeply fulfilled or having the impact in the world that she desired. She was aware that there was something more to her, that she wasn’t fulfilling her true potential or living the kind of lifestyle she wanted to. 

As a consequence of being stuck for some years, Cordelia suffered from high-functioning depression and eventually found herself on the burnout continuum. Shortly after she lost her 47 year old brother to suicide. With such a stark reminder of how short life can be, Cordelia decided to take her career and her life in a new direction.

Cordelia now works with achievers who are feeling trapped, restricted or compromised in some way to excel, become extraordinary and create ever-increasing levels of both health, wellbeing and external success. As a high-performance coach, her work is dedicated to helping people get their sparkle and their 'A game' back and achieve success whilst maintaining a healthy life and positive relationships.

 She now lives a nomadic life but plans to settle down in one of her favourite cities, Barcelona in the near future.

I would like to dedicate this episode to the memory of Dr Peel's brother. 

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