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Next Level Guy

Mar 21, 2023

Today's guests are the Turner Twins!  

The Turner Twins (Hugo Turner FRGS and Ross Turner FRGS) are British adventurers who have undergone a host of pioneering expeditions to help people learn about our world using new technology and purposeful adventures.

Together they have rowed the Atlantic Ocean, climbed Mount Elbrus, attempted to trek the Greenland Ice Cap and have reached several Poles of Inaccessibility including; the Australian, North and South American, Iberian and most recently attempted to reach the Atlantic pole of inaccessibility using a hydrogen powered yacht.

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Here are some key points that I would advise you to concentrate on

  • You should seek adventure in your own life, it doesn't need to be climbing mountains or sailing across the oceans, adventure can be at a level that challenges you.   
  • A lot of challenges have been too mainstream and too boring. You can take part in a lot of challenges in life, "have a bit more creativity ... and benefit to it" and give back to others doing it. 
  • Finding a purpose and a personal reason to do a challenge, such as raising money for a charity that you have a connection with, can be the best way to start having more adventures in your life - for example I did a sky-dive to raise money for terminal cancer care nurses who had look after my grandparents and I saw how amazing work they did. 
  • The brothers appreciate that they are not experts in a lot of areas in their adventures, so they will find those experts who can provide "rich experience' and information to fill in the knowledge gaps and help you achieve your overall goal. 
  • The type of kit you have can certainly give you an advantage towards your goal but won't give it to you easily. Prepare for a challenge, not for comfort, with your kit being functional to the task, get your fitness up, and your mindset dialed into the actual demands of the challenge, and you are ready.  
  • Treat the world like your own neighbourhood. Pick up litter, recycle, avoid using single use products where possible. 
  • Kids should be out learning and exploring in life, we need more kids like the Turner Twins. Kids learn a lot of life skills in enjoying the 'great outdoors'. 
  • By taking part in adventures in your life, it helps you find the boundaries in your life and the limitations. By taking part in challenges and adventures, you push back your comfort zone, you realize that you are more than capable of achieving more in life.
  • Sometimes losing a potential path due to redundancy, injury, breakup etc, a loss can help you find a path you never thought about, a loss of identity can help you find a new identity that can help you change the world for the better. 
  • The brothers use Google to locate the people and resources that they need, and will ask others for advice on what to use and who to contact. They realize they don't know it all and it is a sign of strength to ask for help. 
  • Sometimes the best way to succeed is to put one foot in front of the other and repeat. 
  • The Twins used 'Dream On' like a life philosophy, they took challenges and life as a chance to dream on what they wanted in life and a chance to pursue them. Where people see 'Dream on' as negative as in you wont have a chance to do that, the twins saw it as a positive, on picking a goal, dreaming on it and finding out how to doing it and going for it. 
  • Sometimes the path that is the less travelled, is the path that you need to consider venturing on.
  • "Everything happens for a reason ... shouldn't regret anything that happens". 
  • You need to be as mentally prepared for a expedition compared to being physically ready. You can normally deal with the physical side of things, but it can be straining on your mental health, motivation etc if you are not prepared and cause you to fail.   
  • During your trips, you will not only achieve your goals, but you will learn about yourself as a person, and learn your limitations, learn what you are capable of and it creates a new level of focus, understanding and ability within yourself to go and do more in life. 
  • It is only recently that there has been such a level of money and media behind people taking part in such adventures. 
  • You should encourage your children to go outside, create reference points and happy memories of having fun, and we will then be more likely to bypass the comfort of everyday life, and chase creating more happy memories of the outside world. 
  • The brothers appear to reverse engineer there projects, they take the overall aim, and then work back to see what skills, resources and controls etc they need to implement into their plans, and build from the end back. 
  • Curiosity is a great trait to use, look at alternatives, consider options, see the why, the limitations and what else could be used. Never settle because others recommend it, find those that work for you by trials, discovering etc, and be consistently open to alternatives and new ways of thinking. 
  • Failure is not a bad thing. "People have become very afraid of failing". Learning to fail is a good thing, learn from it, readjust your outlook, skills and goals and try again or pick a new target.