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Next Level Guy

Mar 14, 2023

Today's guest is Dr. Chris Raynor!  

Dr Raynor is an orthopaedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine, a University of Western Ontario alumni, the Human 2.0 co-founder, husband, and proud father to three exceptionally-talented grown children.

After a long course of training, he has worked as an orthopedic surgeon for over a decade and now works to change the face of medicine through his various social media platforms. He seeks to educate and empower people by teaching them the tools with which to positively impact their musculoskeletal health and wellness. But not satisfied to merely “talk the talk”, he also wants to “walk the walk” as well.

As an educator as well as a physician, Chris Raynor wants to help and empower EVERYONE to take charge of their own health and wellness. He wants everyone to become a better version of themselves, and he wants to give everyone the tools with with to do it. After all, if you are not going to do it, who will?


Here are some key points that I would advise you to concentrate on

  • Chris is using his social media to educate people on things he is passionate about  - there is nothing stopping you from doing the same.
  • Mobility is the key principle that should be added to your training to build longevity of your health and wellness for later life. 
  • Use your passion to go on a voyage of self-learning, use your hobbies to grow, learn and understand about life etc, like Chris does when he makes his videos, the research and work he puts in has made him a fan of life long learning. 
  • Not every treatment method is a safe or effective method, you should look at the pros and cons towards various treatments, and look at the literature without emotion and simply considering the facts to make a judgement.
  • Fixing issues in your strength, flexibility or mobility of the joints etc can greatly increase your quality of performance. 
  • A good method of goal setting, is to figure out the end goal, and then reverse engineer, work back from the end goal, marking down the steps you need to take to achieve this, and you will have your pathway towards your goal. Figure out the resources you need and start! 
  • You can make a career out of a passion like Chris did. 
  • We should not carry our injuries as a badge of honour, get it fixed as soon as you can, true strength is noticing a problem and getting it fixed before it hinders the rest of your life! 
  • "Education is the key to all of our happiness". 
  • "You can't talk about the whole world off one patient" - you need to consider the depth and scope of the sources etc you use, consider who funded it, what was not looked at etc, to help form your opinions. 
  • Focusing more on the weaker aspects of the energy and performance chain, will give you more bang for your buck. 
  • There is no one fix shop, your fitness, health and abilities are unique, and your health fixes and improvement plans should be too. 
  • Analysis of a system and seeing where things go wrong, and looking at potential solutions to resolve energy leaks and problem fixes is a great skill to learn. Chris does this with his surgeries and their after care ... how can you add it to your work etc for better success?
  • A little prehab now can help the need for lots of rehab or even surgery later on.  
  • "We shouldn't be celebrating stupidity ... we should be encouraging people to be as smart as possible" is the phrase that hit me, I agree wholeheartedly with this, the ability to understand and look for a better understanding of things helps you see the true depth and beauty of life and what is happening. 
  • All sports have their particular risk of injury. You need to be aware of what can happen and train for the level that they are at, plan for longevity using prehab exercises and fix current issues with rehab methods. 
  • We should be able to move in 3D, not just forward back or up and down, our bodies should have 3D movement and if not, you need some rehab work to get back to what it should be able to do. 
  • Focus on your health, your wellness and your longevity to do what you want to do in life! 
  • You should interview your surgeons, carers, doctors, therapists etc going forward like you would interview for a job - make sure they have your best interest at heart, understand your case fully and not just going to give the same cookie cutter fix for treatment that everyone else gets. 
  • Education through content creation can be fun, you can follow his lead and use entertainment and real life examples to showcase your teaching. Education is King!
  • Not all information is correct or should be taken with the same level of value as others. The ability to analyse the content, leaning, author bias, funding source etc, to critically analyse the sources we take information from is something that is truly lacking in life.
  • "Mobility is strength throughout the range of motion".
  • Just because something has always been done one way, doesn't mean it's the best or most efficient, always be looking to improve your skills and your processes, never settle. Be humble and be willing to learn. Education is King!