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Next Level Guy

Nov 21, 2022

Today's guest is Steve Kamb!  

Steve Kamb is an author and founder of, a company and worldwide community of nerds dedicated to helping each other level up their lives. He loves powerlifting and bodyweight training as much as he loves Dark Souls and Tolkien. When he's not out on an adventure, he's probably curled up in his hobbit hole with a good book, his wife, and two dogs in Nashville, Tennessee.

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Here are some key points that I would advise you to concentrate on

      • If you can't find your tribe, make it!
      • There are people interested in all sorts of things, if you aren't enjoying your current gym, programme, sport etc, then with some simple googles you can find something that you will love with people who could be life long friends as well.
      • It's ok to fail. Steve states he has a lot of ideas and most weren't working, but he tried them. You never fail when something goes wrong, you get to learn from it. You never fail when you need to  try a new way, as that is a new experience that you can work out potential solutions from and so on. You only fail when you give up.

    • The journey of a video game hero character is a perfect person to resonate with on your own fitness and health journey.
    • You can find a way to link something you want to learn by linking it to an interest and it will keep you happy and engaged, much more than following a boring example from a textbook.
    • It is OK to start and not know where you are going, it is OK to just start, keep going forward and let life happen and discover things as you go.
    • Characters from entertainment can be great examples to mimic, so you can list their habits, skills etc and work out like them, act like them etc, so you can build the favorable hobbies etc into your own life.
    • You can achieve life adventures in your life, by "taking the best elements of those things and transpose them into a real life experience" that will give you a challenge, push you out of your comfort zone and achieve things you never thought were possible.
    • "Lots of people have hopes, lots of people have dreams but you have to take the fun parts of your games and movies but then actually put a plan in place to start working towards that stuff otherwise you are just stuck day-dreaming".
    • You can chart your own call of action, give yourself points as you achieve things, level up, and push yourself towards bigger and bigger goals. By attributing points, new levels etc, you find the fun of being in the game, achieving new experiences, and other wins, you can keep yourself motivated and challenged.
    • You can mimic life as a superhero. Your daily life can be the alter-ego like Clark Kent, Peter Parker etc, and you can use the persona of your life hero to do amazing things like Superman, Batman and so on, when you decide to go on a mission of awesomeness.
    • You can help find new inner confidence etc, when making a decision by acting as if you are the Superhero that you love. You start by 'taking the characters and the stories you are inspired by and starting to craft what this alternative version of yourself is like' and acting like this new version of yourself, your life hero until the new actions, mindsets, hobbies etc become part of your life.
    • "Having a community of people who are doing those things and living differently and bucking stereotypes and pushing outside of specific norms or societal norms" can be life changing, they will give you the support, help and encouragement to change. You can find it at NerdFitness, or you may even need to create it, but you would be surprised how amazing people are in the world and what communities exist.
    • Twenty of seconds now, can change your life, and give you the future that you always wanted. This could be saying hello to someone you fancy, signing up for that class etc. Embracing the alter-ego of yourself can work great here, to push yourself out of your norms.

    • "There is a fallacy out there that change, or dramatic change has to come from dramatic action ... change is often small, in quiet moments, when no one is looking".
    • Small changes every day will not really be noticeable at first, but they will soon add up. Eventually they add up, day in  day out, so you can achieve hem continually without failure so you can achieve your goals and six months or so, you barely recognize yourself!
    • True change doesn't come in grandiose actions, it comes in gradual small changes that build up an area towards leveling up.
    • What gets measured, gets managed. By attributing points to a task that you want to do, and having a target to reach, helps you keep motivated as you watch your score getting closer to the goal, it pushes you to complete the level. Then when you do you level up, you can buy a new gadget etc, it really becomes fun, challenges you in a good way and keeps it entertaining.
    • You can make an adventure out of anything in your life, from your health to work to habits and so much more.
    • Don't care where you came from, care where you are going. Your weirdness, your quirks, your strangeness, is what makes you YOU, and there others who want to be friends with that version of you, the real you, not the watered down version that you show to others and pretend to be as you are afraid to show the real you.

  • Where you spend your time is where your current priorities are. You need to look at your life, your habits, your focuses and your actions and decide what you want from it going forward. Treat yourself with compassion, you only know what you know now, not then. You can make the change to change your life right now. Use the 20 seconds of courage idea to achieve the goals each day until you no longer need it, and keep leveling up.