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Next Level Guy

Oct 10, 2022

Today's guest is Kenneth Play! 

Kenneth Play is an international sex expert and sex educator. Named the world’s greatest sex hacker by GQ, he has been featured by more than one hundred media outlets, including The
New York Times, Men’s Health, Cosmopolitan, Huffington Post, and Nightline.

Kenneth has been a guest lecturer on female sexual pleasure at New York University and San Jose State University. His work has helped millions of men gain lasting confidence and
competence. AskMen described Kenneth’s most recent course as having "at least one nugget of sexual learning you’ve almost certainly never encountered before, if not several."

Kenneth is an Asian immigrant with an average-sized penis who lived most of his early life with crippling sexual insecurity. Determined to overcome this anxiety, he dedicated his life to studying the complexities of academic sex research, exploring the mysteries of Tantra, immersing himself in the forbidden world of BDSM, and even joining the lustful chaos of underground sex parties.

His quest worked. Today, GQ calls Kenneth “the world’s greatest sex hacker,” Men’s Health calls him “the orgy king,” and he is now ready to tell you exactly what he has learned.

In Beyond Satisfied, Kenneth shares the sex hacking secrets he’s successfully taught millions of men. This book is a cross between Bruce Lee’s mixed martial arts approach and Tim Ferriss’ 80/20 rule—but for sex. Far from just another “find her clitoris” guide, Beyond Satisfied distills hard science and hands-on experience into techniques that any man can successfully put into practice.

In this book, you’ll learn scientific secrets that unlock her hidden orgasmic potential and gain a huge array of skills that will get you results—right now.

You will learn how to:
● Overcome performance anxiety like a world-class athlete
● Fulfill her naughtiest fantasies—by understanding her erotic mind
● Curate a ninety-minute orgasmic experience
● F**k like a beast with any size penis
● Help her experience squirting for the first time

With the system in this book, you can transform your sex life beyond what you thought was possible, beyond mind-blowing, beyond connected...beyond satisfied.

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Here are some key points that I would advise you to concentrate on

      • Sex is a skill that can be learnt, just like any other skillset. No one is born better, you just need to build on your skill level.
      • The best sex comes from a focus on what your partner is experiencing and enjoys.
      • Better sex can lead to a better connection with one another.
      • Kenneth felt his own internal shame when he started his own sexual journey, worried about his dyslexia, his penis size etc, and more. Stop belittling what you bring to the partnership, no matter the label you put on it, and give all of yourself to the other person or people and through true connection, the sex becomes so much better.
      • "Women aren't complaining about the size of men's dicks, they are complaining about how they use it!"
      • "Statistically most penis fit most vaginas."
      • We are not taught the techniques of sex or how to pleasure one another, sex ed only really focuses on the reproduction side of things. We need a cultural shift to teach people that pleasure is enjoyable and should be shared.
      • Sex is an emotional act, not just a physical act.


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      • "Watching porn to be a better lover is like watching the 'Fast and the Furious' to be a better driver". "There is a lot of difference between the meta verse and the real world."
      • "You are prioritizing her wellness" when you talk about consent and follow the rules.
      • "Most of the filthiest fantasies are written by women" ... their erotica really lets you see an insight into the type of sex and connection that women want in their life.
      • "Guys want to have a competitive advantage" so why not use such an amazing resource like Kenneth's book to learn the tactics to blow her mind during sex, and connect with her on a level that no one else ever has!
      • "Women respond to pressure better than friction, if you understand the fundamental principle of how orgasm works, and you edge her all the way there, you can learn how to unlock any lock (her orgasms) with your key (your penis!). "
      • You can see in how someone is breathing, in the changes in their micro-expressions to see how someone is enjoying something.
      • "You have to learn how to feel  and the feeling is not just feeling her but also your own body." You need to listen to her sounds, the subtle change in her face, her body, her muscles etc.


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    • By showing her that you care and will pay attention, is mind-blowing to a partner, that you are not just out for your own needs, but want to share the pleasure and experience truly with each other.
    • "... the mutual pleasure is so mind-blowing  and guys under-estimate (so much) that it is like they are trying to steal a snack when they could have the restaurant".
    • Everyone doubts themselves, but top tier experts, feel the fear, and do it anyway. The fear will always be there, name it, tell it 'not today' and go for it.
    • After-care is one of the key things that you need to incorporate into your sex life, to connect and bond with one another.
    • "There is a beautiful balance between selfishness and selflessness in sex ... it is a dance between the two ... it is a flow of the energy between the two".
    • "It all comes down to more than what you say is how you behave like what you do".
    • Women are very good at being able to identify when you are not being truthful, so stop lying, be honest, and open and go for.
    • Create a play-lab, somewhere you can have sex, learn, grow, try new things and experiment and become a more skilled and connected lover.
    • Gauging arousal is like being a successful comedians, who tells a joke and feels the mood and emotion of the room, to see how things are working and not just tell a joke and not check if anyone laughed! So why would you do the same for the things you are doing in bed (etc) with a partner?!
    • Sex has a lot of levels that you can improve on: incl foreplay, oral, anal, fingering etc.
    • It is not a slap in the face of your masculinity to admit you can be better in bed. Why give up using an amazing resource like this and level up your sex life. Most women do not want to have to teach you how to be better in bed, so why not let an expert like Kenneth teach you how to level up quickly in all areas of sex!


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  • Treat sex and her pleasure like taking her to a restaurant, you wouldn't expect her to be happy with going there and not getting her meal, so why would you expect her to be happy
  • Spend 15 minutes working on a technique each time, to keep leveling up your overall sex life, and aim to get better at least 1% in each area each time!