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Next Level Guy

Jul 22, 2022

Today’s guest is Adam Jablin! 

Adam Jablin is a best selling author, Inspirational Keynote Speaker, Transformational Life Coach and Spiritual and Recovery Mentor. In 2006 Adam got clean and sober, which unleashed many gifts he had hidden inside. During the most successful years of his company, Adam was in the grips of alcoholism and addiction. HE KNOWS WHAT IT'S LIKE BE POWERLESS. His family intervened and Adam's spiritual journey began. While running a multi-million dollar company, Adam dedicated himself to helping others and showing them the path out of their problems and into the SOLUTION. Later, Adam helped sell that business for 9 figures with his loved ones. NOW he wants to help YOU. Adam's teachings show people THE WAY to become the HERO of their own lives.

In this interview, we discuss:  

  • How to break down your old internal programming that is holding you back in life.
  • How to find your inner Super-Power in life.
  • How to find the mentors you need to change.
  • And so much more.


Here are some key points that I would advise you to concentrate on

  • We are all on our own heroes journey, no matter your starting point, you are the hero of your own story. 
  • The heroes journey will allow us to find out who we are as people. 
  • The heroes journey will help you find out your passion in life. 
  • A true apology to someone is a change in behavior. 
  • Society and family will put pressure on you to follow a certain path in life, but part of the journey is finding the inner confidence to find your own path in life. 
  • There are a lot of ways to deal with pressure and problems in life, and alcohol and other substances will never help in the long run. 
  • It takes true courage to admit that you need help to someone. It is not a weakness to say that you need help, but shows a deep understanding of yourself and a strength of character to ask for help and support to change. 
  • There are many great programs that can help you overcome something you are struggling with, a simple Google search for addiction programs and your local area will show you some great local resources. 
  • It does not matter your starting point, you can change your life. Adam is a great example of someone that we can transform our life, no matter what happened. 
  • Fear will always be there but fear is just a message from your brain to tell you that there is something to prep for and understand, so look for the message behind fear, rather than running from it. 
  • The societal idea of an alcoholic and addict as a down and out, in a gutter isn't correct. There are a lot of high-performing addicts in the world. You can have a problem in life no matter how successful you are to others. You know yourself if there is a problem with yourself.  
  • Noone is thinking and judging you, it is a belief that we have - they are too busy thinking of their own life. Stop letting others control you and what you do in life! 
  • To change will take constant action in your life, it is always in motion. 
  • Knowledge is power, there are great examples of how to change your life available in every book store - Google is a great, free resource used to find the how, once you know the why you need to change in life. 
  • Always look to learn, find people who will inspire you, push you and motivate you to go to higher and higher levels in your life. 
  • You need to learn to trust your gut, you need to listen to the internal voice and decide if the voice is following old beliefs or is giving you the best advice for you possible.
  • You don't know it all, so find the coaches that you need to learn, to grow and evolve your skills. 
  • When acting, think about it - is this helping you level up your life? If not, change the course of action to better meet your goals. 
  • You need to override the BS programming that is remaining for the older version of you, to truly change in life. The old programming is trying to keep you safe, but not to change - you need to make big changes to break through the older belief patterns that are holding you back. 
  • You need to invest in yourself to see an amazing return in your progression. 
  • All the greats have to 'put up or shut up'!  
  • Stop chasing the significance in your life, instead chase your dreams. Stop chasing love from others and instead learn to love yourself.
  • You can slip up but that is not a failure, look at each mistake as a learning experience and how you can become better from it. You only fail when you give up totally. 
  • With the internet, the world is a smaller place, stop using the internet to waste time, use it to advance yourself. 
  • Take action. Start today. Do something. Don't go crazy, but just take that first step to change their life!