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Next Level Guy

Dec 3, 2021

Today’s guest is Enigma! 

Enigma is a body language analyst who makes videos on the body language and mannerisms of characters and actors in movies, TV shows, Internet videos, and more and teaches how it can it be learnt and used to make us better communicators and connectors with others. He is a qualified Body Language Analyst with a CPD Certified Diploma in Body Language Analysis, and is endorsed By The Quality Licence Scheme.

In this interview, we discuss:  

  • What body language is and why it's a super power if you can understand it
  • How body language leakage, and micro expressions can help you be better in all situations from dates to poker to business meetings 
  • And so much more! 

This one is awesome ... you will want to have a notepad and pen to take notes! 

Here are some key points that I would advise you to concentrate on

  • Body language is a super power.
  • How you communicate with your body, face and mannerisms, affects your ability to network and connect with those around you.
  • Everyone gives off body language clues, no matter how small or how much they try to control it.
  • A high percentage of your body language, expressions etc are picked up by those around, without you being truly aware you are giving them or receiving them and your attitudes towards others affected by it.
  • By understanding body language, you can read and understand people, and it will allow you to connect better with someone and how they are feeling.
  • There is not a standard understanding of body language and is a developing science.
  • Your body language shows what your sub-conscious mind is truly feeling.
  • It takes true skill to control your body language and is rare that someone can hide their true feelings.
  • Deviations in someone's body language is an indicator of when someone is faking it, lying etc.
  • You can learn to understand body language but the majority of the meanings of body language actions, stresses etc are unique to the person, and not as generalised as many articles claim. You need to look for changes in their standard behaviour to see when a behaviour goes outside of their standard behaviour.
  • It's not as much what you are saying, it is more about how you are saying it.
  • Disabilities and mental health conditions can affect someone's body language, so a base line needs to be sought.
  • A micro expression is a leakage of your body language that escapes that you do not want to be out there.
  • Enigma recommends looking at the feet for reliable indicators of someone's true feelings via their body language.
  • Why something doesn't happen can be a big indicator of someone and their feelings etc more than what actually happened.
  • Your hands are a great indicator of what you are feeling - interlock your fingers when playing poker to hide how you are feeling.
  • Poker players are masters of reading body language.
  • What works for good body language in one situation can be a terrible style to be used in another situation, depending on the nature of the person, who you are talking to, the context of the situation etc.
An example of the abuse of the power dynamic 

  • You should trust your gut on how you feel about someone and the situation ... your gut is a blunt weapon compared to body language training, but it can really help you.
  • Your body language is controlled by the limbic system. However, the culture, gender, environment etc of a person can have an effect further on our body language, and much be considered too.
  • Pacifying behaviours can be good to notice, but it depends on the baseline of the person and the current power dynamic or situation the people are in.
  • Clenched fists are a sign of aggression.
  • The dynamics of the group can be used to advance your cause by how you interact with the alpha members of the groups.
  • You can learn the basics of body language quite quickly.
  • Movies and