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Next Level Guy

Nov 5, 2021

Today’s guest is Mike Greenfield.

He is the 🥪Founder of Pro Home Cooks, where you can 🍜join over 2.5 Million home cooks on YouTube, 
Mike has been on a mission to spread his passion for home cooking through educational and entertaining digital food content. Through his Youtube channel, he inspires people to overcome their fears of the kitchen and take back the art of cooking.

Mike believes that cooking is an intrinsic part of life, but unfortunately, it has lost a lot of its value in our current culture. By creating a stronger cooking foundation in your life, you will be able to provide for the people you love, live a healthier lifestyle, and connect more deeply to yourself.

With engaging video content and an educational platform, Mike spreads his message of empowerment in the kitchen and is growing a global movement of pro-home cooks.

In this interview, we discuss:  

  • Cooking Hacks
  • Leveling up food
  • The equipment you need to start
  • The use of Spices and Herbs 
  • Meal Prepping 
  • And so much more!

Here are some key points that I would advise you to concentrate on

  •  A quick intro on who Mike is! 
  • Mike's mission is to encourage and inspire you to cook more. 
  • Where did his love for cooking come from? 
  • Mike left his comfort zone and it changed his life - what could happen to you if you left your comfort zone more? You need to put life overwork more! 
  • Look at your life, look at what you enjoy - you can make a career out of your passions. 
  • We all have to eat, but cooking can be made with skill, into art - it doesn't need to be basic, you can level up your cooking in so many ways! 
  • Has his lack of formal training allowed him to be more extensive and open in his cooking journey?
  • Fear of cooking gets passed down by the formal training methods - we think cooking has to be a certain way, or we need to have certain skills to cook certain things which aren't true when we are home cooking. 
  • How can we encourage more men to cook? 
  • Cooking and food can be an expression of you, it can be fun and enjoyable. 
  • What is a simple step you can do to be more confident and cook more? 
  • Cooking is a set of skills that help you mold ingredients together to create your own masterpieces, it is not hard rules that cannot be broken.
  • Where do Mike's presenting skills come from? How does his passion for food make him a natural educator? 
  • Food can be enjoyable, it doesn't just need to fill a hole! 
  • Are there key items that all men need to start cooking?
  • To encourage others, it is a better method to encourage them to cook and enjoy food and discover their way into a cuisine type - rather than set requirements of what they own. 
  • Are there key skills that you should learn when you start to level up your cooking? Once you learn the skills, you can swap out the ingredients and transfer the cuisines to success. 
  • Are there fail-safe methods for cooking and why do you need to be able to make mistakes to learn?
  • Mike's top tips on meal prepping and weekly meal plans. 
  • You can level up your food by prepping elements rather than just meals! 
  • His tips on becoming more adventurous foods - how can we work with fishmongers, butchers, farmers markets?
  • How you can start cooking different kinds of cuisines the easiest? 
  • How can you level up your sides to make meals even better?
  • Does Mike think we can go too far with cooking and food? 
  • Are there beginner spices and herbs that we should have in our kitchen to take dishes to the next level?
  • Why air fryers can change your outlook on food? 
  • How did Mike deal with the change of direction in the channel's identity, after his brother left the channel? 
  • As you grow as a person, your interests and focus will change, this is natural, and although scary, can be an amazing transformation in your life. Feel the fear and leave the comfort zone, you don't know how it will change your life!  
  • How has becoming a father changed his outlook on food and his channel? 
  • What videos would Mike want you to start with on his channel? 
  • What does Mike want you to take from the interview? 
  • How can you connect with Mike?