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Next Level Guy

Apr 25, 2021

Today’s guest is Tripp Kramer, aka Tripp Advice, a leading men's dating and relationship coaches, who has the number 1 dating channel on YouTube. 

Tripp became frustrated with his own relationship skills with women when in college.  He struggled to build attraction and escape the friend zone with girls he would meet. He eventually decided enough was enough and wanted to get a handle on this and meet the women he wanted to in life. He tried pickup and found it didn't work for him as he felt inauthentic and playing a character.

Determined to figure out a better way, he went out routinely, and approached women until he found found the strategies and tips that actually worked with women, and built a dating toolbox that brought dates  and relationships with women he had always wished for. Furthermore, he figured out what makes a man truly attractive and how to build a fun and attractive live, and be the most attractive version of yourself. As his success with women increased, he realized he was onto something and started his own podcast and dating company to help others. To date, he has coached thousands of men to become confident and attract the women of their choice. His passion remains, helping men become powerful, confident, and date any kind of woman they want all while being true to themselves.

In this interview, we discuss dating and relationships, to become more attractive to women, what truly matters to women, how to build attraction during conversations, how to ask for her number and get more dates and so much more. 


Here are some key points that I would advise you to concentrate on

    •  Who the guest is
    • He runs
    • His aim is to help all men who are looking to improve their dating.
    • Dating skills are not something you are born with, they can be taught, and you can learn how to be attractive
    • The moment he knew he needed to become better with women
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    • You do not need to settle on the people who reply, it is not fair on any of the parties and future children
    • His opinion on pickup and where it goes wrong
    • Pickup teaches men to play a character, providing things to say and do, you are not congruent to who you are, and women pick up on the lack of truth in your behavior.
    • All skills can be learnt, they all take effort and will be challenging in various ways. You need to put in the effort, but the rewards can be life changing.
    • How does he work with a client on changing their mindset and approach to become more attractive to women
    • How to become more attractive as a person.
    • Your mindset will stop your progressing if you believe you aren't attractive, can't meet women etc. Tripp works on changing your beliefs on who you believe yourself to be.
    • Your money and status are red herrings in the areas to change about yourself to become more attractive. Confidence and self-belief are much more important to you and attractive to women.
    • You can't fake the real you, and women pick up when you are being fake. Remove toxic people from your life.
    • Stop putting women on a pedestal, a woman will not complete you, a relationship will not make you happy if you are not happy in yourself already. Build a life of fun, adventure and excitement, and people will be attracted to you and want to become friends, and others will want to become a lover too.
    • Being social to all - is this a good approach to begin improving your relationship.
    • Every opportunity you have to speak to someone is great practice time to improve your ability to start and maintain conversations.
    • Women are more interested in who you are as a person, more than what you look like. Looks are not important in dating!
    • What should you look for in a conversation with a woman and know when it is time to escalate the conversation and be flirty and ask for the number.
    •  His checklist on what he looks for during an interaction to know that someone is interested .. and its extremely simple and it will always work.
    • How to overcome social anxiety and his tips for overcoming it.
    • Why he doesn't want his clients drinking before they try and meet women ... and why you need to avoid the fake confidence that alcohol provides you. 
    • How to avoid oneitis or putting certain women on pedestals, and miss meeting new people because we are pining for someone else. 
    • You need to realize the value of yourself, you are a quality guy and need to believe it. Again, no one will complete you by dating you. 
    • How to become a better story teller, and being the fun and attractive person. 
    • When speaking to a woman about an experience they had - Try using the phrase 'what was it like' to allow them to go into detail on the conversation and ad detail, relive the experience and associate you with the feel good feelings of the event.
    • Focus more on the time they spend with you rather than what she says in reply to you. The more time she spends with you, the more likely she is interested. If she wasn't, she would have walked away. 
    • How you should deal with rejection. 
    • Do dating apps teach us to judge solely on looks, have we forgotten how to judge on the character of the person over the looks of someone. 
    • How to communicate with the people you are dating, trying to setup dates etc. 
    • Why you need to organize the date as quickly as possible during the phone chats to avoid ghosting etc.
    • His opinions on dating apps - are they worthwhile?
    • How to avoid the friend-zone on dates.
    • Coaching and 
    • What he wants you to remember when it comes to becoming more attractive to women.