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Next Level Guy

Feb 27, 2021

Today’s guest is Michael Bernoff, who is a speaker, successful author and a results Coach with the powerful ability to tap into virtually anyone’s motivation strategy; building charisma, influence, and connection. A master practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Michael is known for showing people how to get results, increase their lifestyle, and improve their physical health and confidence. His passion is to share his communication and transformation strategies with others.

In this interview, we discuss why average sucks and how you need to level up your average to achieve the dreams. We chat about goal-setting, motivation, mindset hacks to stop holding yourself back, and so much more. 

This was the interview that helped me deal with some bull-shit I had been using to stop myself from achieving my bigger goals and leveling up my life. During the interview, Michael actually sorts some issues I have and you see him in action, he's not like most life coaches, he's a real and effective coach with the ability to really help you. 

I definitely want a round two with Michael and will be looking to take part in his Call to Action as I truly see this as life-changing and would encourage you to sign up for it too.


In this interview, we discuss gems like:

  • Who they are
  • Why what he does is not life-coaching
  • What he sees as common issues with clients
  • The importance of averages in your life
  • What is our identity
  • How to change our identity
  • Do we lie to ourselves to justify what we don't have in our lives?
  • Michael actually does a live fix on my mindset during the interview!!
  • A common frame we have in our life that is holding us back
  • How do we start changing our lives and working towards what we want?
  • How do we take out the emotion in our thinking and ways of acting
  • The importance of pictures, sounds, and feelings
  • Does he use any apps for tracking his mindset, thinking for the changes
  • Why he struggled to get his book out
  • How your brain deals with a negative compared to a positive
  • The difference between a want and a dream
  • Is it a Tiger or an Eyehore moment?
  • How you can connect with them