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Next Level Guy

Dec 4, 2018

Episode: #54 Michael 'Silent Mike' on how to live life on your own terms

Who: Today's guest is internet superstar Michael 'Silent Mikke' Farr, who describes himself as a Male internet Entertainer Coach, lifter, and content creator.

He recently left a massive brand and went his own way, forging his own career, businesses and creating the life he wanted to live. I was keen to get Mike onto the podcast as not only was I a massive fan but I also knew he would have some awesome gems on how you can do this too, and go for your dreams. He has gone from strength to strength as he is building up his platform and his message and I know he is the perfect person to discuss this. In this interview, we discuss taking the first step away, overcoming fear, building your own name up, diversifying to find out what suits you best and so much more. This is different from most interviews with Mike, we move away from lifting and cover an area few discuss but would change so many men's lives, and that is building a life on your own terms.


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Listen here



What we cover

  • Who he is
  • About his upbringing and his love for basketball
  • How he transitioned into powerlifting and how he made a brand for himself from weights
  • His philosophy on content creation and what makes successful content
  • Who he looks to as a role model 
  • What does he consider makes a good man
  • What inspires him to get out of bed every morning
  • Why he felt the time was right to make the move and build his own brand
  • How has he found the transition from being part of a successful team to going on his own
  • How to stay relevant in a crowded niche and with so much competition
  • What his goals are for the future
  • Who his dream interview guests would be?
  • Ways to connect with media influencers and connect builders
  • His podcast and its guests 
  • Building strong friendships and networking tips
  • How to work a business with friends
  • What advice for those who want to go and out and do their own ventures
  • What does he want everyone listening to the interview to take away as the go home message?
  • And so much more


Some things to reflect on

  • It is very obvious during the interview at how focused Mike is ... he picks his goals and commits to them, letting little get in his way. What could you achieve if you stopped wasting time and committed to chasing your dreams?
  • Mike's father played a very important role in his life, he demonstrated how to be a good man and give back to others - what are you doing to help others? 
  • Mike didn't let lack of resources like a coach or money hold him back. He sourced and scrapped for the things he needed to improve. There is free content everywhere, library books you can rent and other deals you can make to help someone for some assistance etc. There is no excuse for you not working to get the things you need to get to get better. It might not be easy but it is life's way of making sure you deserve the return. If it was easy, it wouldn't be fun!
  • Every man should have at least one goal in their life to better the lives of others
  • You can make any life you want, you can build the life you want
  • There is always fear. It will never go away. You just need to suck it up, identify a fallback position and the worst case scenario and go for it. Life is too short to not go for your dreams.
  • Always be you but don't be afraid to change the environment and type of message or product you are putting out to evolve and move with the times and be open to trying new things
  • You find out who you are by putting in the work
  • You need to be open, vulnerable and genuine to build good, strong friendships. Genuine people attract other genuine places. Be open, supportive and genuine with people you click with and put in the effort to build the relationship with them and it will help build lifelong relationships. 
  • There's dumb and smart risk - weigh up what you are going to do and plan it, and go for it. Always be open to growth and change. There is always a way to get back to where you are or make money again. 


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