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Next Level Guy

Oct 20, 2018

Episode: #51 Brian Peterson on Grappling, training hacks and skill development

Who: Brian Peterson is the owner and head coach of Peterson Grapplers. On his awesome 'Teach Me Grappling' Youtube channel, he uploads an encyclopedia of highly detailed and informative training videos that allow viewers to expedite their training development. In this interview, we cover a wide range of areas from his story, to grappling, to training hacks and so much more in between. 


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What we cover

  • Who he is and why you should check him out
  • Where the idea and structure for the channel came from - how we have video games to be thankful for his channel
  • How he got into martial arts and how has the UFC and rise of martial arts affected the types of customers he attracts to his club
  • How would he define grappling to those who are new to the sport and how is grappling different to the UFC and street fights
  • Should all men do a physical sport like grappling?
  • How do men go wrong when they train grappling and combat sports 
  • How can you learn grappling the quickest and training hacks
  • What should a good instructor teach you in terms of quality of teaching and method of teaching
  • What should a person starting out focus on? Basics or advanced? 
  • Why does he think his coaching style is so successful compared to other coaches?
  • What does he look for in a student to know they are ready to be promoted with a new tab/belt?
  • What personality and mentality do his ideal students have?
  • How did he find the transition from competitor to coach? What about the students who try to be 'assistant coaches' but aren't official?
  • How does he see his channel evolving in the future?
  • The characteristics that good grapplers have
  • What does he want people to take away from the interview?
  • What does he consider an unusual fact about himself?
  • How can you keep in touch with him?
  • And so much more




Some things to reflect on

  • Consistency is key in the formation of successful habits
  • Grappling is fighting without striking someone - movies and TV shows have greatly misconstrued how a real fight works 
  • Lack of discipline can lead to fights - if every man trained, we wouldn't have as many fights as we currently do
  • Learning to relax is the key to success when learning to grapple
  • The majority of men are not knowledgeable about BJJ and self-defense, those who are will have the advantage. Sadly, not all coaches have the same level of leadership and training, you need to seek out those who can truly teach the essence of grappling, BJJ etc.
  • The basics are great in learning a martial art but no advancement of techniques will prevent you evolving and progressing. Both basic and advanced are key to becoming great. 
  • Performance and being an individual are more important than knowledge in a student - it is about making grappling and BJJ a version of your style
  • Less talking, more learning is the best approach as a new student
  • Confidence in your ability is almost and some say more important than technique 
  • Age and history does not make something right, newer developments can be better than the 'proper way' of doing a technique




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