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Next Level Guy

Sep 23, 2018

Episode: #49 RSD Maxx answers your questions

Who: Today's guest is extraordinary dating coach RSD Maxx. Max is a dating coach with RSD Nation and has just launched the most successful dating product ever, called 'The Natural', which has broken all records. He teaches guys how to become a natural with women by developing and unleashing their true potential. He is described by RSD Nation as having ‘an amazing repertoire of stories … and has a gift for teaching self-development and lifestyle enhancement as well. His teachings focus on state of the art strategies and knowledge on how to pick up women and become the man you have always wanted to be.’

This interview is slightly different as it is not really an interview. I collated together a bunch of questions I received from readers and we covered these during our chat with Maxx offering hints and tips to fix the issues, in a 'Ask the Expert' feature. If you enjoyed this and would like to see more of these types of chat, let me know by using the contact form on the site or sending me a message on social media. I think Maxx is fantastic here giving some life-changing advice for men listening.

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I hope you have as much fun listening to this one as I did during the interview. Enjoy!



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What we cover

  • Who he is
  • His motivations to become a dating instructor
  • Why he has been so successful compared to other instructors
  • What the worst mindsets are to have when approaching women and their attitudes toward dating.
  • How should men focus on to improve their lives and become more appealing to women?
  • How should we look at rejection and how should we overcome the fear of it to approach the people we want to?
  • The need to be attractive vs being an attractive person to women
  • How should guys approach women - is there a best way?
  • What is the worst thing that modern men currently do towards dating and meeting people?
  • The merits of online dating - is it worth it?
  • How should you approach a girl
  • What are good indicators of interest that a girl likes you?
  • What are red flags that you should look out for during an interaction?
  • How should we approach dating and pick up when we have emotional baggage, or kids or some version of pain - how should we deal with this?
  • What should we do about approach anxiety?
  • How to get your free mentoring call
  • What does he think will be the evolution of his business?
  • What does his girlfriend think of what he does?
  • And so much more





Some things to reflect on

To book a free consultation call with RSD Maxx, please click here.

There is nothing really stopping you from becoming better with women … just the stories that you tell yourself about why you can’t do it, the self-imposed barriers you put in front of yourself. Anyone, at any stage, can become better and become a natural by polishing their true self and building attraction by being themselves, you just need to learn how to do so. Start small if needed but start now, take action rather than take regrets.



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