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Next Level Guy

Mar 18, 2018


Episode: #39 Jack Donovan on redefining the way we see masculinity today

Who: From Jack's about page: "Jack Donovan is the author of the The Way of Men — a straightforward, politically incorrect theory of masculinity that became an underground hit around the world ... Donovan has been blogging, writing and speaking about masculinity and tribalism since for over a decade ... He lives in the Pacific Northwest, where he leads a chapter of the infamous Wolves of Vinland  — an esoteric tribe of Germanic pagans." I don't know if I need to say anything more as an intro!

In this interview we discuss masculinity, why it is not a dirty word and why we should undertake our own journey to become better men and more masculine men.


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What we cover

  • Who he is and why he is well known
  • What happended during his childhood that made him look in masculinity
  • How is masculinity being portrayed in today's society
  • What is masculinity and who are the great role models of masculine energy?
  • Where he thinks modern day men are going wrong in society and the factors that affect thier masculinity
  • How can we recreate the old rituals that boys undertook to become men like the old civilisations do but do it in our easy lives
  • Why do you need a tribe to truly become masculine and a man and how it needs to be set up/contain to succeed.
  • Can we use sports etc to replace these missing rituals and tribes in our lives?
  • Are the characteristics of what makes a good man the same across the world?
  • What he thinks about the style of masculinity that is shipped by today's media?
  • Can you grade masculinity? Are we masculine or not or shades of masculine more or less than the next man?
  • What challenges could you set yourself to become a more masculine man and develop yourself?
  • Why is there not a push for men to become more masculine in today's society?Why do some men hate on those who try to improve in their lives?
  • How should today's men adapt to the differing roles of women and equality in the modern world
  • Can you ever become too mascline? At what point does becoming more masculine cause problems?
  • How does the role of the father play in how masculine a man is and how good a man he will be? How should we raise the next generation of men to help raise good men?
  • How does he deal with those who dislike the masculinity message he is bringing out?
  • How should those listening overcome jealousy, hate etc when they try to become a more masculine man and a better man?
  • How can you tell if you are becoming a better man? What is the yard stick or criteria we can use to show improvements?
  • The message those listening should take from this interview?
  • Are there any unusual things about Jack that will blow your mind?
  • How you can keep in touch with him?
  • And so much more



 Some things to reflect on

  •  There are a lot of positives about striving to be a better man
  • Masculinity is being softened in today's media and "made into a joke"
  • "When you are marketing things, you want to be overly inclusive" - the way masculinity is portrayed in today's society is more about marketing than ideology
  • Masculinity is what men percieve to each other as masculine, are the things we need from each other to survive through our evolutionary history - The parameters of masculinity never change, they are part of who we are in throughout time
  • Find out about Jack Lemmon here - the author who's books helped him on his journey
  • What you believe, comes true - it is a self-fufilling prophecy 
  • The failing answer in life is waiting for approval for what you are wanting to do
  • Your tribe needs to share the same values as yourself and be more than just about one thing like sports - there has to be a higher purpose involved in the tribe.
  • "The people who control the media are not average people"
  • "Men who don't know what masculinity is are more subject to be manipulated in terms of what tnhey need to be masculine"
  • See the interview I did with Tanner Guzy here
  • It is a good thing to have competition with other men, to take controlled risks and realise you won't break, that you won't die - physical things are very important
  • People will talk down to you when you try to improve yourself as it brings other people's failures into sharper perspective and they don't want you to succeed - getting better should be about you and your own change
  • "You don't need to be a dick to be a masculine man", you can be just as smart, as creative, as talented, as loving etc as you always are and get better and yet become more masculine
  • You can't expect affirmation from those who aren't on the same mission as you - you need to focus out the hate and focus instead on those who get the message you are providing and on the same journey as you
  • If you believe in something, you should measure your actions against and ensure you are meeting your beliefs, that you are being consistent in your beliefs


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