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Next Level Guy

Jan 28, 2018

Episode: #35 Doctore Ryan Masters on how to live a stronger, bolder, tougher life


Who: Doctore Ryan Masters (@Sparta_Strength) is an entrepreneur, adventurer, coach and host of 3 YouTube channels which have over 18 million views & 170,000+ subscribers worldwide. Ryan helps men transform their bodies, lives and life an epic and bolder life. As he says "I help men develop muscle mass, brute strength & energy - Strength is every man's birthright, Greatness his destiny."
In this interview, we cover how you can stop life passing you by, begin your transformation and work towards achieving your life goals. 


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What we cover

  • Who he is
  • What caused his transformation when he was younger
  • His training philosophy and why he feels his 'Spartan Rises' message appeals to with men - how he helps so many men transform their bodies and their lives
  • Why the Spartan lifestyle resonates why him
  • The challenges he sets men to finally start working towards achieving their goals
  • Where he thinks guys go wrong in today's culture, the problems he sees most men 
  • How you can overcome a mediocre life 
  • Why his framework is 'Power, Passion & Purpose'
  • Where guys go wrong trying to find more passion in their life and how you can finally find it for yourself
  • Do guys need to find their own Doctore? What would he recommend someone looks for in a coach?
  • Is the body a true reflection of the mind?
  • How can you find your reason why for going to the gym?
  • Weightlifting goals that all men should be able to achieve
  • How can someone listening know they are moving towards their goals in life?
  • How can you invest in yourself today and the books he feels that all men should read?
  • Wrestling alligators and what it taught him
  • How you can finally become consistent and work out regularly
  • The importance of friends and how to pick those that will help you towards your goals
  • How you can turn an interest into a brand and a business
  • How he deals with the fast break questions
  • What he wants men listening to take from this interview
  • How you can keep in touch with him
  • And so much more



Connect with the Guest


Something to reflect on

"A workout doesn't change a lifestyle problem"
"Spartan's knew what they stood for ... they followed their values"
Don't find yourself in 'the Should cage' 
"Did you invest 5% of your annual income in developing yourself? ... if no, there's a good chance you are not moving forwards towards your potential" by developing your skills 


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