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Next Level Guy

Dec 19, 2017

The Basics

Episode: #33 SciBabe Yvette d'Entremont on Science, fake news and critical thinking
Who: Today's guest is SciBabe Yvette d'Entremont. Yvette runs the hilariously educatonal SciBabe where you come for the science, stay for the dirty jokes. Yvette is a scientist, public speaker, science blogger, and former analytical chemist and has a background in forensics and toxicology. In this interview we discuss her story, Science, teaching men about science, facts vs fake news, modern science vs new age remedies and so on. 


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What we cover

  • Who she is
  • Dating and her love for a good cup of coffee!
  • Difference in social bonding and language between groups of friends in the UK and the US
  • Why the SciBabe is so popular
  • Where guys are going wrong nowadays - you're entitled to it but it doesn't make it valid
  • How to gauge sources and people to listen to in life
  • Her experience on the Joe Rogan podcast
  • The Chiropractic field and how to deal with negative reactions to opinions
  • Facts vs opinions and how to develop your own critical thinking
  • The problem with products endorsed by celebrities and the influence it has on the consumer over their thinking
  • How we incorrectly judge the information we consume and how we skew what we think by our own bias
  • How you can understand science no matter where you start from
  • What she wants people to take from the interview
  • How you can keep in touch with her
  • And so much more ...




Connect with the Guest


Something to reflect on


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