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Jul 24, 2017

The Basics



Episode: #23 Diamond Dallas Page on how DDP Yoga can transform your life with a bang!

Who: Today's guest is DDP Yoga Guru, wrestling Hall of Famer, actor and motivational speaker, Diamond Dallas Page. Page started out small in the wrestling world and built himself into one of the well known wrestlers of all time. After injuries, he discovered an awesome health transformation workout, that incorporates body fat loss, lean muscle growth and improved cardio levels, all wrapped up in a very cool, manly version of Yoga that is definitely not your Momma's Yoga and something you need to check out now.

In this interview we talk about DDP Yoga, wrestling, the Hall of Fame, the resurrection of Jake the Snake movie and so, so much more.

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What we cover
  • Who he is - how he want from a bar owner to a Hall of Fame Wrestler and Yogi Life changer
    How he got his start in the wrestling business and how he built his career from helper to superstar
    DDP Yoga - how it isn't your Momma's yoga and how it will change your life
    Examples of how DDP Yoga has transformed and helped so many people
    Disabled Veteran Arthur Boorman
    Who DDP Yoga is for
    Why Yoga is the best method to recover and transform your body and health
    How you can do his yoga regardless of your starting point or injury history
    The importance of diet and how small mistakes in your diet can cause serious damage to your health - the addictive nature of sugar
    The problems that men face today in modern society
    His new book - coming shortly
    The importance of breathing and positive thinking for levelling you which enables you to take on life
    How repetition is the mother of learning
    Tony Robbins
    The one thing you need to do right now to change anything you want to in your life
    The affirmation that he says to himself every day without fail
    Shark Tank and how he learnt the most valuable business lesson ever when wrestling
    Resurrection of Jake the Snake Roberts DVD
    The Tope Ten Home Programmes link he mentioned -
    The David Arquette reign!
    OSW Review
    How the darkest moment can actually be the silver lining for your new future
    How will he deal with the fast break questions
    What he wants you to take from this interview
    How can you keep in touch with him
    And so much more



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