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Next Level Guy

Apr 24, 2024

Today’s guest is Heber Cannon! 

Heber Cannon and his friend and business partner, Marston Sawyers, aka The Buttery Bros, are filmakers and just plain buttery dudes!

Heber and Marston know a thing or two about fitness. The Buttery Bros have produced and directed five of the world's leading fitness documentaries, have out-paced some world-leading athletes and have had a front-row seat for the meteoric rise of the global fitness phenomenon, CrossFit. The boys behind the camera unexpectedly became on screen stars after appearing in their hit YouTube series "The Buttery Bros" which has garnered millions of views and a devout fanbase, aptly named the "Buttergang".

Along with these films, they've created and produced everything from live sporting events on ESPN, music videos, and commercials to a plethora of popular features for the internet, including the web series “Road to the Games.” 

Heber's goal in life, is to use various storytelling talents to inspire others to become the best version of themselves possible.

In this interview, we discuss his story, Cross-fit, fitness as a part of life, film and creativity and why you need more butter in your life!