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Next Level Guy

Apr 27, 2017

The Basics


Episode: #15 Kyle Ingham on manhood and how you can learn the lost 'gentlemanly' skills to be a better man

Who: Kyle runs the men's interest website The Distilled Man. As his about page states "These days, a lot of guys grow up without many of the classic skills their fathers and grandfathers had. Like knowing how to cook a perfect steak. How to mix a cocktail. Or how to give a toast. The Distilled Man is dedicated to giving guys a second chance to discover these lost “gentlemanly” arts. Simply put, our mission is to help guys become better men."

Kyle's site is dedicated to teaching men the essential skills that every man should know but isn't always taught. He helps guys learn the basics of these skills at an entry point level and lets you start working towards living the life you want and to become a better man. 


What we cover:

  • Who he is
  • What the 'distilled man' site is and what it can offer to the listener
  • How men are expected to know a number of essential skills and how the teachings of these essential skills can go awry
  • Why a Manadvisory board may work for you
  • What 'essential skills' a man should learn to be successfu
  • Art of Manliness
  • Are there really skills you must learn? How do the 'required' skillsets change over the generations?
  • How the drive for hands on skills like DIY has increased as technology has improved
  • How can we ensure these essentials skills are passed onto the next generation of men
  • His life-changing Male Friendship 101 article 
  • What to look for in potential skill mentors and 'foster' father figures and friends to help learn the skills
  • Ryan Michler -
  • What skills do his readers, other men struggle with? It helps show that you are not the only one who needs it so it is OK to ask for help!
  • How you can find the motivation to change your life and work towards the life you want
  • Tools of Titans - Tim Ferriss
  • How you should deal with those people in your life who try to stop you changing your life and acting as 'haters'
  • How you can define if a man is successful - who is a great example in the worlds today
  • How empathy is an essential skill
  • Where you should start to better your life
  • His free e-book to get you on the road to changing your life in a weekend
  • His top tips on things you can do right now to improve your life no matter where you are
  • Ryan Masters - Sparta Strength 
  • Why taking action is the most important skill you want to learn
  • Why you should never stop trying to learn
  • How he deals with the fast break questions 
  • John "Jocko" Willink -
  • His favorite pirate joke (yep, you read that right!)
  • What he wants anyone listening to take from the interview
  • How he can keep in touch with Kyle
  • So much more




Connect with the guest:


For the link to the free guide he mentioned, click the graphic below 


Something to reflect on:

They say that the skills make the man and there are certainly ideal skills that a man should know. Normally our fathers pass on these skills to us but unfortunately, this is becoming rarer. Sites like Kyle's are ideal starting points to learn the lost 'gentlemanly' arts that you should know and that will help you become a better man. If you never had a good father figure in your life, you should make peace with that and look elsewhere to learn these skills. Forgive and start now. Your future self and children will thank you. 


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