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Next Level Guy

Oct 7, 2015

Why should you care about this: This interview is awesome. Gary gives the listener a very direct and much needed kick in the ass. Gary lays down some great advice about how you can find your passion, why you need to build your own ‘Personal Brand’ and how you can start living an awesome life by living your passion and even start making money from it! In a world of amazing A-List bloggers and business owners, Gary is in a league of his own. If you listen closely enough, you can actually hear me fist-pump the area at various times at how good I thought Gary’s answers were!

This was recorded back in 2013 but a lot of what Gary say’s is very valid and helpful today. As I listened to the advert a few times during the edit, I kept taking small diamonds from it and applying it to my next email, or my plan for promotion for new jobs, to benefit the site etc. In some cases, Gary has replied using an example for me, but it allows the listener to see an example of how to do it and they can use this as a template for their own life.

I did cringe though at some of the awkward gaps and how my questions didn’t flow as well as I wanted but Gary is a role model to me and I was shy back then. However, one of my fears is recording myself and doing this podcast will help eliminate this so it is good to show the baseline of where I started. Like Gary, I am aiming to develop my skills and keep moving on.